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Finding reliable and affordable Creative Services is challenging for an individual, small or large business. You can have the best product or offer an amazing service, but you may not have a professional artist able to create that stunning social media ad, breathtaking banner, or the magnificent merchandise needed to increase sales and name recognition.

Our team has you covered. The core values of transparency and integrity guide our services:  we provide free consultations in order to learn precisely what you want and then provide a timeline estimate with competitive pricing. You will know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. Please take a moment to peruse our catalog and find the product that is right for you.


You can categorize our services into these five areas:  Branding, Art & Illustration, Multimedia, Graphic Design, and Production. After these short descriptions, all the different services available are listed on the next page and then explained throughout the catalog. Please feel free to navigate to the product that interests you!

Whether you’re an established business owner or a new entrepreneur, the Branding Service can refine and update your identity. We specialize in logo design and creating stylization guides so your image is consistent. Your brand will be cohesive and create a captivating experience!

Our Art & Illustration Services provide something for everyone: procure a painting as a gift, commission concept art for your project, or set up storyboards to bring a tale to life. We’ve taken many creative ventures from concept art to storyboards, so please allow our team to tackle your artistic tasks!

What is your favorite entertainment media? Cartoons, comics and games of all kinds are ours. You may have an inspired idea for an illustrated book, board game or video game, but don’t have the art or game design background to make it a reality. This is where we shine! Let us help you make multimedia that matters. 

Our Graphic Design Services will make your business or project stand out with unique, attention grabbing visuals. Your business can benefit from expertly crafted business cards, letterheads, infographics, promotional materials and merchandise. We also create excellent event invitations and even album art. 

We have perfected a variety of production processes to get your project over the finish line. We are prepared to take on your extra projects like UI/UX design, screen printing, art clean up, video encoding, webgraphics, game manuals, and post-production file management. 


Need some help with your image? Worry not! Our Branding Service can design a stunning look for your new business, or help you modify your existing brand. We can assist with any phase of the branding process!

If you want to envision a new idea or just do a little cleanup on your already fabulous brand, our Branding Services will serve you well. You service your car and house, so why not do the same for your brand?


Logos are the most common, front-facing aspect of your brand. This is our favorite part of the  process. We can help you design your logo from the ground up, create something from references and sketches you provide, or rework your existing logo. 

Creating an identity is an involved process that we have streamlined. Let us organize your content and create archival documents to help maintain a consistent identity for years to come. If one day you want to rebrand your identity, we can help with that too!

Stylization is the documentation of your brand. We define all the ways your branding material can be represented in a usage guide. From swatch colours to the point size of your fonts, we will create a blueprint that details the most effective ways to express your brand.


From years working with various businesses, we have refined our process for creating logos down to a science. We will help embody the market you want to capture and create a lasting image for your brand.

From simple and traditional logotypes to heavily illustrated band logos, there is no style we cannot create. Our free consultation will determine how you want to present your brand so we can craft the best experience for your customer. 


Working on an identity is an interesting and specialized service where we take your logo and record all aspects of it and how it is displayed. As you can see from the example below, we use our own logo to define what the Branding Identity Service provides. 


When working on identity, all facets are cataloged, documented and diagrammed. You will know the best size, spacing, and placement of the logo.  We will map the different ways to represent in print or digital media so your brand is properly depicted no matter where it goes. 

    When designing an identity, it’s important to ensure that each variation of your logos works in a multitude of settings. Making sure your logo works in black and white is the first step.


The Stylization Service synthesizes your logo and brand to create a usage guide, which documents and defines how your brand functions. It is used to ensure that your brand stays consistent no matter who is working with it.

The Stylization Service creates a collection of documents and files used to maintain the overall look of your brand. To get an idea of what this looks like, we have documented the stylization of this page.

    Stylization can document everything from colour swatches to the minimum size your logo can be represented. It can even define fonts, point sizes, and anything else you wish to include.


Welcome to Art & Illustration Services! Are you starting a creative project that needs some artwork? Are you an avid D&D gamer that wants a custom illustration of your character? We offer affordable art for anyone. 


Art, much like design, is a fundamental foundation of each service we provide. Whether you need a simple sketch or a finished painting, we offer a wide range of Art & Illustration specialties to help turn your dream into a reality! 

Almost all projects begin with a sketch. Sketches are a fast and easy way to get thoughts out of your head, onto paper, and into reality. We will quickly and expertly develop your idea. Let us help you envision your dream!

Everyone loves fine art! This classic mode of expression is great for phantasmagoric fantasy pieces, tasteful decor or a family portrait. We offer many digital and traditional mediums.

Looking for an illustrator? Look no further! Illustrations are the stuff of story books. This type of art tends to have a very specific, story driven purpose and can be any medium or style. It would be an honor to bring your illustrations to life!

If you have an epic movie project, video game, or graphic novel on the horizon, chances are you will need some concept art. Products for Robots utilizes modern tools and leading industry techniques for our concept art. 

Where there’s a story there’s a character! Character designs can help visualize your characters at all stages. If you intend to bring this to the 3D world, we can even create front and back poses, expression sheets, and anything else you need.

A great story starts with great storyboards. These help creators visualize all aspects of the project. If you are creating an animation, presentation or live video, storyboards and animatics will bring your project to life and serve as the faithful blueprint.


Every great idea starts with a sketch. The goal is to get your ideas down quickly, efficiently and as detailed as you like. This can be done in pencil, ink or digital. 

Sketches are the backbone of any project and help shape what it eventually becomes. Even if you just need a quick idea to hand off to someone else, we are happy to help make your ideas a reality! 


Want to take your sketch one step further? Picture a one-of-a-kind Painting displayed in your house or office. We can paint your D&D character in all their glory or capture a moment in time with a family portrait. 

Whatever you’re looking for, we have a painting for you! We offer digital and traditional mediums. If you can dream it, we can paint it! We can’t wait to make a painting that will be completely customized for you.