At some point in every project there comes the Production phase. If you’re starting a project that needs some UI/UX, or finishing a project and need a little help with the file grind, let us lend a helping hand!

We offer All File Types specific to the services we provide. Whatever your needs, we’ve got the file you are looking for!

Do you have a set of illustrations that needs a little touch-up, or a logo that you need rebuilt in vector? We have the tools and the talent to get your files production ready with Art Cleanup services!

Word processors are great for typing up documents like books and articles, but there is a limited range of options for formatting. Our document layout skills can make your content organized and formatted for professional printing or web publication!

Your game is designed and the art is done. Now it’s time to write the Game Manual. If this is a  struggle for you, fret not! We are highly skilled in this area and can make your Game Manuals read smoothly and efficently so everyone can easily learn and enjoy your game!

This is the product type that started PfR. Our dream at PfR is to make comics a medium that we are all avid consumers of personally. We have produce our fair share of them and can offer any step of the process to a graphic novel

Any document we create intended for print will come back to you print ready. All you have to do is send it to the printer of your choice! If you want us to handle your print run, we can do that too!

We will make sure your art looks awesome on your apparel with fully customized screen print separations! If you have a cool gig poster you need screen printed, we can make separations for that too!

UI/UX stands for “User Interface/User Experience”. This is a major component of developing a successful piece of interactive media as it dictates the overall experience each user has while interfacing with your product.

If you have a video file that needs to be encoded for a Blue-Ray or YouTube upload, we have got the codec! We can get your videos encoded to suit whatever platform you need.

We’re not coders, but we are great at making lovely Web Graphics and experiences for your users to interface with. You can rest assured that your brand will be translated perfectly to the Internet medium!