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Dearest "Most Likely Bored" Interneter,


My name is John Posey III and I'm the Daydreamer around here.


PfR is a bastion I created to so I could unite creative individuals to dream up fantastic worlds and create them for others to escape in. Right now we have a few things in the works; like a sci-fi brand called Metacell or Colours and Shapes a family friendly card game and a few more in our products section.


There's a whole bunch of other things you can do around here too, like go see if you're interested in our services. Maybe want to learn about where we came from with our story or you like our style and might want to peruse some schwag.


If you want to dig even deeper into who we are and what we do you can learn about our five disciplines; Art, Audio, Business, Code and Design by clicking on one of the 5 devbots floating around this page.


I hope you enjoy this site that we have built for you! If you have any questions we have an F.A.Q. button at the top right of the site or you can click on the contact button on the bottom right.