QUESTIONS ABOUT Colours & Shapes!

This section will address frequently asked questions about Colours & Shapes. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.


What is Colours and Shapes?

Colours & Shapes is a match 3 card game with  mechanics that are simple, easy to learn and fun for the whole family.


What is the suggested age range?

We recommend 8+, but this game can be easily accessible to 6+ as well.


Wasn't this a different game a while back?

Yes, the game was originally called Metacell: Genesis the Cardgame. This was the original brand, but after some user feedback we decided to scrap the sci-fi theme and go with something a bit more fun, vibrant and simple. This led to Colours & Shapes.


What are the educational values of the game?

In addition to critical thinking and pattern recognition, all copies of Colours & Shapes comes with Child's Play Mode, a rule change card designed to teach younger children colours and shapes while simultaneously teaching one to one correspondence through counting.


When can I get a copy?

It is available right now! But only in a limited number of copies


Where can I get a copy?

You can grab your very own RIGHT HERE!