Colours & Shapes uses simple match 3 mechanics and was designed for the youngest players to the oldest players and everyone inbetween. The game is currently available in two sets: Spectrum A and Spectrum B, along with an additional, downloadable ruleset called Full Spectrum, available NOW!.


Players make matches of 3 or more cards, which they can play to earn points. The more cards you match up, the more points you stack up!


Use White cards as wild cards to increase the size of a  match, or use Black cards against opponents to reduce their points.


Colours & Shapes also has a character power system that allows players to use special moves when they play a match of their corresponding colour and shape! Each character has their own ability that gives them a unique advantage during gameplay.


In addition to all of this, every copy of Colours & Shapes comes with Child's Play Mode. This rule change is designed to help younger children learn colours and shapes while simultaneously teaching one to one correspondence with counting. Follow the link to the right to learn more about this educational add-on.

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